Timber Floors and our home

When we used to hear people relocating it used to sound like a hectic job but going through it I have realized that relocating and refurnishing your home is like an unending job that has no stop button to it. With all the shifting we decided on getting Timber floors this time for our home and boy! That was one decision we fought a lot on. With the help of Zanui furniture and life ware website we chose some of them major designs at their website.

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The Zanui discount code we got as first time shoppers helped us immensely as we bought a good quality floor plan and on the basic level invested less for a better floor deal. When the timber first arrived it felt like it would take ages to settle in with the whole working, drilling and pasting. It seemed like this floor job will never end but after a gruesome six weeks parole into the floor and it was complete. With all the polishing and scraping the floor were finally finished.

Now with my floor done I can feel a sense of peace coming back in our daily lives. Life although, has hit a crazy  busy level over the past few weeks due to relocating and refurnishing , I still feel there are  lot of corners that need a lot of Furniture’ attention from our side. My favorite time pass now adays is to find one small corner of the house, search few creative pieces online at Zanui Furniture and life ware , use the Zanui coupon code and order them online. It has been such a relief that I have a great financial support system from Zanui furniture and life wares side when it come it buying their exquisite master pieces.

Other than buying some fun Timber floor and furniture pieces from Zanui, we also moved in some of the old pieces of furniture that were in our storage. I am still waiting for the other belongings to arrive this Friday. So turns out we have been madly trying to make space for the things I bought from the Zanui Furniture and life ware   through their Zanui promo code and other inevitable items that will be getting unpacked soon. Other than the furniture part we have been working on a nice jetty styled entrance so that we can reduce the sand entry into the house as much as we can. I hope we get to settle down as fast as I can, Moving in to a new place was never easy, but Zanui furniture and life wares helped us in making the right decisions at the right time.

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